Behind The Smoke and Mirrors (1998-2001)
Beyond The Smoke and Mirrors (2006-2008)
A magazine devoted to magic and creativity

 20 issues and over 500 pages of essays on magical thinking, theory, creativity, storytelling, bizarre magick and more!

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 The 20 issues include essay’s by:

Walt Anthony • Lee Asher • Bruce Barnett • Jen Besemer • Dan Birch • James Biss  • Eugene Burger • CloudCloak • Tim Converse • Scott Cram • Tom Cutts •  Stefan Dardik • Don “Vlad” Deich • Don Drake • EvilDan • John Ferguson • Arial Frailich • Michael J. Fraughton • Craig Greathouse • Eric Henning • Docc Hilford • Mike Hughes • Joshua Jay • Todd Karr • Kenton Knepper • Joe Lantiere • Andy Leviss • David London • Rick Maue • Leslie Melville • Francis Menotti • Jeff McBride • Robert E. Neale • Harley Newman • Alain Nu • “Maharani “Pari Parivarta • David Parr • Jonathan Pendragon • Eugene Poinc • Rabbi Brian Zachary Mayer • Brian  Richards • Brother Shadow • Ed Solomon • Ivan Stratienco • George Tait • J. Tank • Barry Taylor •  Larry Thorton • Arthur Trace • John Tudor • Joshua Wilde • Mark Zacharia

 Edited and Published by David London

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