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Throughout David’s lecture, you will see and learn excerpts from David’s various theatrical productions including Magic Outside The Box, The Adventure to the Imagi Nation, and The Creative Spirit Séance. David will move in and out of the performances to teach not only how his effects are accomplished, but also why. He will also teach some of his original close-up material, and share his touches on some classics.

David will also take you behind the scenes to offer insight into his creative process, and discuss construction, character development, and scripting. David will also share an excerpt from his “Selling the Strange” talk, which explores this unusual history of selling original acts, and providing tools and tips for the modern day traveling showman.  He will even share the strategies he uses to get printed, television, and radio press all across the country!

Through his background and experiences as a creator, collaborator, producer, and performer, , David has developed a perspective on magic that is entirely his own.

The material he will explore in this lecture has been experienced throughout the United States, and enjoyed by thousands. Don’t miss the opportunity to see David London share his ideas, thoughts and magic. It is guaranteed to be unlike anything you have seen before in magic… or anywhere else!



David discovered that he was a magician at the age of seven, and has since spent over 20 years trying to figure out just what that means. He has created five original theatrical magic productions, including Magic Outside The Box, The Adventure to the Imagi NationCerebral Sorceryand the Creative Spirit Seance.

His performances combine magic with storytelling, comedy, philosophy, surrealism, and that which cannot be defined, to create original shows of magic unlike anything you have experienced before. He regularly shares his unique style of magic at theaters, museums, galleries, and festivals across the United States.

He has authored eight manuscripts related to magic and illusion, including Daydreams, Borderland State, and Imagining the Imagination, and was previously the editor and publisher of Behind The Smoke and Mirrors – A journal devoted to magic and creativity



Atlanta, GA, Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Davenport, IA; Hartford, CT; Henderson, KY, Indianapolis, IN; Kansas City, KS; Memphis, TN; Myrtle Beach, SC, New Haven, CT; New York City, NY; Norfolk, VA; Oklahoma City, OK; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Richmond, VA; Sioux Falls, SD; Somerville, NJ; St. Louis, MS;  Washington, DC;  Waynesboro, VA


“David London is truly the Willy Wonka of magic. His lecture will show you how to make your daydreaming into the most amazing magic.”
—Aaron Delong, Double D Lecture Tour

 “Experience a sense of wonder served up by a master.”
—Cyril May, President, IBM Ring 59, New Haven, CT

Rarely does one see on the magic lecture circuit a fresh, entertaining, and thought provoking lecture…In that manner, David London boldly goes where few have gone before…” —Ken Schwabe, SAM 1, New York City

 “In November David London lectured for our SAM 161 group. David was one of the most original, thought provoking magicians I have had the pleasure of learning from. To say he thinks out of the box is an understatement. No boxes, no limits, just pure entertainment. Do whatever you can not to miss David at any lecture or performance venue near you!” Joe Sagarese, President, SAM 161, North Branch, NJ

“David London is charging into the 21st century full tilt. And if he leapt into the 24½th  century like Daffy Duck, I would not be surprised.”
—Robert E. Neale, Philosopher and Author

“You make thinking outside the box seem like the only way to think!”
—Ruth Knafo Setton, Lecture Attendee and author of The ZigZag Girl


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